It's all about the Wood!

The Bearded Chef is a Veteran owned and operated business with all our products being made in the USA!  We produce wood items for your kitchen and products specifically designed to maintain those wooden items. Our products maintain butcher blocks, cutting boards, wood utensils, and wood bowls just to name a few.  We make every attempt to locally source our lumber from trees which have come down naturally.  We’ve built our reputation by providing the highest quality products at the most reasonable prices.  Take a look at what we have to offer!


"I'm totally thrilled with this product. I used as directed and the result is really beautiful. I've had my cutting board for many years, and even when it was new, it didn't look as beautiful as it does today." HeyJude Ebay0403

"This worked really well! I had a wood cutting boards I never used because I was afraid of ruining it. This three-step product plan has easy to follow instructions and the end product is great!" Krystal Pyatt Amazon

The Bearded Chef conditioning products are designed to condition and care for your natural wood items so they will last a lifetime.  Whether you have a brand-new cutting board or one that’s been used and abused, The Bearded Chef line of products will work for you.  The products are intended to be used as a comprehensive system to ensure longevity of your wooden items.  The Hydrating Oil will penetrate deep to hydrate and condition the wood to prevent drying, cracking, and splitting.  The Wood Butter is used to finish off your wooden items by placing a beeswax based coating over the surface of the wood to lock in the hydrating oil and keep out unwanted liquids and food materials.  The Wood Cleaner is an all-natural cleaning formula that will gently clean and remove contaminates from the woods surface without stripping away the oils and moisture from the wood.  Using these products together will ensure lasting beauty in your kitchen and home.

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We love the natural beauty wood brings to the kitchen.  We also love our kitchen items when they're clean and conditioned.  This is why our passion is to provide the finest products available to ensure your wood is in the best condition and looking great.



Tallahassee, FL, USA

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