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The Bearded Chef is alive!

I didn’t get into the business of making wood care products because it was my lifelong dream, it evolved out of my love for food and how enjoying good food creates a connection between all of us. There is no politics or grand discussions that can divide us when it comes to food. Sure, my wife and I may disagree on the on how wonderful it is to slurp an oyster right out of the half-shell, but no way would that ever divide us. I love creating dishes from small bites size appetizers to magnificent multi-course meals that I can share and enjoy with family and friends. Most of all, I love to relax and hangout around the kitchen island enjoying an adult beverage, IPA or red wine for me, while cooking and sharing the entire preparation process with those closest to me. This is where The Bearded Chef was truly born and this is why I’ve created this business and blog so I can share my experiences and love for the kitchen with you.

In the coming weeks I'll share some of my favorite recipes I developed in an attempt to make the taste buds of those closet to me dance with excitement. I hope when you tries these meals you will make sure to share them with those who are closet to you or if you go at it alone, try dropping off a plate to the next door neighbor so you can share your expernice and add a smile to their face. Enjoy!

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